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BlueTracs believes that the value of a technology company is measured by its ability to provide the most effective solution at the best price and delivered with a commitment to exceptional customer support.  Our continuing mission is to examine the needs of our customers and create cost-effective technology solutions that deliver exceptional results.

We understand that specific industry needs require specific design solutions. We don’t ask our customers to fit their needs into our technology…we design our technology to fit their needs. This process has led us to create some of the most innovative industry device solutions on the market. From cash tracking for the financial industry to maritime monitoring systems and everything in between, BlueTracs produces today’s best solutions.

Providing the industry with the latest cost-effective safety, security and compliance solutions including cash and deposit bag tracking and ATM security solutions.
Providing law enforcement agencies with the tracking products and tracking devices for their Sting and Stake Out operations. Our solutions help hundreds of communities to decrease the cost and incidents of property crimes.
With over 25 billion dollars lost to shoplifting each year, our Organized Retail Crime Tracking solution is assisting retailers in the identification and apprehension of career criminals.
Narcotics abuse and diversion has become an epidemic in the United States. These abuses, coupled with large fines and registration suspensions threaten to disrupt the country’s critical schedule II drug supply. Our services and products help combat the issues and protect the industry’s business and profits.
Utility companies have become the target of both theft and vandalism. Our solutions are helping utility companies reduce the loss related to theft and vandalism and provide low-resource protection and monitoring solutions.
Brick and Mortar buildings aren’t the only target for crime. Often criminals act before the products ever arrive. Our cargo tracking solutions help track and protect high value assets until they arrive at their destination.
With our systems, we can track movement along waterways and notifying key personnel of unexpected drift of barge and cargo vessels.

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